Smoke/Heat Detector

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If you do not have existing hardwired smoke detectors, you should install Wireless Smoke/Heat detectors in every bedroom.
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Smoke/Heat Detector
Smoke/Heat Detector
Product Details
The LifeShield compatible Honeywell Photoelectric Smoke / Heat Detector with a built-in wireless transmitter detects smoke or unusually high temperatures and will sound an alarm while LifeShield Central Monitoring notifies the fire department. This Honeywell detector is easily self-installed and registered to the LifeShield system. If your home has existing hardwired smoke alarms, LifeShield's Siren Detectors are the most cost-effective and aesthetically installed solution - 1 is recommended or 2 for redundancy.

Smoke/Heat Detectors work separately from your existing smoke alarms, and monitor for smoke and high temperature (135 degrees).

Smoke/Heat Detectors are NOT recommended for kitchens.