Glass Break Sensor

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LifeShield's Glass Break sensor is perfect for protecting large windows or sliding doors. It's triggered by the sound of breaking glass and can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within 25 feet of any large glass surface.
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Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor
Product Details

How it works: The Glass Break Sensor is triggered by breaking glass, and ignores common household noises. It can be mounted on a wall or ceiling within 25 feet of any window and it has no minimum range limitations.

If you have large picture windows or sliding glass doors, an intruder could easily break it and climb through without even tripping a door or window contact sensor. The Glass Break Sensor is designed to only detect the sound of breaking glass, by using a small microphone that listens for the low pitched "thud" of striking glass followed immediately by the high pitched sound of shattering glass.

Because of it's unique sound detection, Glass Break sensors can be fooled by throwing keys on a table or a similar sound; so choose the location carefully. Glass Break sensors must be mounted high on a wall or ceiling near the large windows. The microphone opening should be pointed towards the glass and away from other sound sources that may cause a false reading.